News and events:

  • 11/2019: Bought a house
  • 08/2019: Coral teaches full-time now
  • 2014/2015: Moved out of AK
  • 10/2011: Married!

Recent site updates:

  • 11/28/2020: Update
  • 3/22/2015: Some overdue updates
  • 8/1/2013: Fixed the org chart ;)
  • 12/29/2011: Fixed the site's front page

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picture of us

About us: is a fairly small organization: Dale, Coral, three cockatiels, and a chinchilla.

Dale's an electrical engineer by training, working as a computer programmer. Coral's also an electrical engineer, but they changed careers (twice) and is now a professor of data analytics and computer information technology at a community college.

Thank you for visiting our site! Feel free to explore the rest of and our other homes on the web:
  • Coral's Homepage - Has their blog (mostly library- or teaching-related, with a healthy dose of technology and crafts), their CV, and an ever-changing list of projects.
  • Dale's Homepage - Has the beginnings of his blog, including probably a continuation of...
  • The Least of All Evils - Dale's external blog about voting methods (our current one isn't good, it turns out).
  • "Moving to Alaska" - Our shared blog (external, also closed now) about our move to AK from the east coast and about life in general.
Our shared e-mail is dale (dot) and (dot) coral (at) sheldon-hess (dot) org; you can also email either of us individually by [firstname] (at) We're on various social media if you have comments on our website, or if you just want to chat about engineering, libraries, birds (pet birds, bird behavior, how smart corvids are and how dumb owls are), chinchillas, games, books, bikes, or life in Alaska (we left, but we were there for 5 years).